Monday, December 4, 2017

What's In My Mind Now?


- specific is I just wanna come to drugstore/pharmacy/Sephora to buy I think (u know what women thinks kalau datang 3 jenis tempat ni kan)... memang sume benda takde la..padahal dalam bilik sampai tak berkemas

- but i really miss to go to bath and body works and take anything smells good

- and also aim for Carlo Rino bag and sandals

2. Tengok movie

- currently aku tengah giler hindustan..ok I lie..currently I'm obsessed to see this guy

pic courtesy from google...

3. Baca buku baca buku baca buku

-  come to bookstore and see the books in shelf is a good therapy to me even tak beli pun...most perfect place kalau dalam bookstore tu ada window and we can see raining..OMG..maybe obersi punya bookstore ada la kot..

 lagi perfect kalau ada rain kat luar tu..pic courtesy of pinterest

- but yes I want to pick randomly books...nampak cover cantik dan menarik..beli..ko tgk ni aku beli ni..

4. Food hunting

- I'm not big eater but I like to eat...go food hunting is the activities I'm really want to do..lagi2 try korean food..

- and also explore new cafe & restaurants...

5. Get myself me-treat

- treat my physical = exercise, massage, spa

- treat my mind = colour the books, read, or just sit at the window looking for raining outside

- treat my soul = Al Quran, Solat...don't forget it's the best therapy at all

- treat all those three in one time = TRAVEL....


6. Fulfill all the unfinished tasks

- update blog of course...itu lah unfinished tasks

- update diari...exactly is...I need to use my time very efficiently...

in fact I have very bad habit currently...wanna list down anyway and hope next year (lagi sebulan)..I can change it...

#suketidolewat - dah tido lewat bangun pun lewat...
#sukemakansamyang - instant food not good...
#sukemakanfrozenfood - cos I'm superlazy to cook
#sukelewatkansolat - hina betul rasa diri ni
#sukelengahkankerja - sampai ke sudah kerja tak selesai



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